Principal's Message

Mr. Bruce Williams, Principal

I still have trouble believing that I’m here.  Eureka Elementary School and Crescent Valley Elementary School are dream schools and I occasionally feel like pinching myself to make sure I am awake.  I want to thank Superintendent Dan Wold and the ECSD Governing Board for placing their confidence in me.  I’ve spent my career in small towns in the desert and the mountains of California.  I’ve been a principal for 25 years, at four different elementary schools.  I became an educator because I enjoy the company of children, and that joy has never left me.  I look forward to getting to know your kids, and getting to like them. 

My goals as principal are to maintain a good school culture and quality instruction.  The key elements of a good school culture are respect and fun.  Quality instruction is instruction that works – kids are learning.  From what I can tell, these things are already firmly established at CVES and EES, so my first job will be to avoid messing up a good thing.  My second job will be to try to find ways to make that good thing even better.

I welcome your ideas and suggestions, and I'd love to meet and talk with the parents of my students.  Give me at call at 237-5700 (EES) or 468-0213 (CVES), or drop by the school.  I'll be dividing my time between EES, CVES, and vacation during July and August, so it would be a good idea to call first to make sure I'm there.  

Progressive Discipline Plan