READING:  Students must earn 2 Accelerated Reading Points per week.  If students have not earned at least two points by the end of a week, they will stay in the classroom at recess to read. Students may read books on the Accelerated Reader List OR read a book and create a test for it.  

Parents and Grandparents do not have to sign a reading log, but I hope you will ask your children about what they are reading; and, when you can, read with them.

CLASSWORK:  We work hard in Room 3 but once in a while, a student may be unable to finish an assignment in class.  When that happens, unfinished work will be completed as homework that night or students will stay in at recess to finish it.

MAKE UP WORK:  When a student is absent or tardy, they will try to finish missed assignments during regular class time, but will most likely have to complete some missed assignments as homework or stay in at recess to complete it.

PROJECTS:  There will be several special projects throughout the year that will require the students to work on at home.  One required project will be a science fair presentation in the 3rd quarter. Information about the science fair will be sent home after Christmas.